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Brace Thompsn - Designer

I have work experience in 3D Graphics, Animation (Flash, After Effects, 3DS Max and Maya), Modeling, Lighting, and Rendering. Ventuz has been my main tool for compositing and show operation. Passion for all 3D art has driven me to explore all aspects of the field. 


I am currently working on live, virtual and hybrid events and shows for Three Monkeys Inc. Boston, San Francisco, Dubai, and Cape Cod have been my main locations but as the world shrinks my joy of creativity expands globally. I continue to learn from and lead vastly different projects. I continue to use my creativity, technical and communication skills to work with this professional team as a creative consultant and 3D motion graphics artist.


I love working with people to solve problems and create quality solutions through art. I am a certified tutor which helps with communicating my ideas and taking direction. I am an eager learner who is always willing to discover a new medium and design to convey a message.

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